I have had three reminders come up in the past month to post to my blog here, each one dismissed or ignored in its own time. As I sat down this morning to write something, I found that I was only inspired to talk of my busy-ness. Yes, I am hyphenating it, because otherwise it looks like misspelled business.

I am quite busy at my job, with edit requests queued up and terminology standardization efforts scurrying along (resulting in glossaries and terminology databases). All good, fun tasks, but they are starting to feel a little overwhelming. (It might be because my personal life is disturbing my typical work flow patterns.) I really should find the time to blog about my terminology work, which I find to be a wonderful part of my job.

I am also quite busy preparing for the STC Technical Communication Summit. I am participating in a panel discussion on “Why Technical Editors are Still Relevant,” and I’m also participating in an editing evaluation workshop. Most excitedly, though, I was asked to provide a pre-conference workshop based off of a current online certificate course, Technical Editing Fundamentals, which I have been presenting with my mentor and friend, Linda Oestreich. We are wrapping up an online session, and then have a week (less, really) to prepare for the Summit.

I am also trying to co-author a magazine article on editing user interfaces and embedded assistance. I had hoped to also try to finally write an article that has been researched and outlined for years now. Maybe as the magazine article gets further along, I can get to this other one. Either way, this contributes to my feelings of busy-ness.

I hope that my busy-ness resolves itself and I can get back to posting more frequently, as I had at the start of the year. I am finally up to a more interesting chapter in the Artful Sentences book. I might also bring another book back from the Summit, one that I can use for inspiration for blog posts over the summer.

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