An editor writing about editing needs an editor, right?

I received some kind words about my most recent blog post the other day, which definitely spurs me to want to write more blog posts. However, I recalled that with my most recent blog post I really had wanted to work with another editor on that writing. An editor writing about editing needs an editor, right? Even though I am a seasoned technical editor, when I act as a writer, I definitely notice that I miss having an editor.

I would very much like to have an editor who does two passes on my blog posts:

  1. Development editing – I want an editor to challenge me to explore ideas further, or reverse the order of my ideas, or suggest other ideas that might help bolster my point.

    My all-time favorite editing job was as a development editor for a computer book publisher. I loved working with a variety of technical authors, developing chapters of books on HTML, XML, Java, and other Internet technologies.

  2. Copy editing – I want an editor to challenge my informal writing style, and ensure I use appropriate syntax to clearly communicate my great ideas we developed on that first pass.

    I freely admit that I am a weak copy editor. I am not a strict grammarian, often working on whether something sounds off or looks off. (I bet a copy editor could improve that last sentence immensely for me!)

I need to seek out an editor or two to help me in this regard on my next blog post. I have the idea, but have not been able to “put pen to paper” yet, but maybe knowing that I’d have an editor to help ensure it is the best it can be will spur me to write it. I know just whom to ask. (Yes, I did just chat with several editors about whether who or whom is “correct,” and we had fun debates over which sounds better and why one or the other is “correct.”)

Happy editing everyone.

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