I care about all the Englishes

I do love using RSS feeds of blogs to discover and read fun and interesting things. I started playing around with Feedly, since Google Reader announced it was going away, and I’m finding that I am reading more of the blogs because of the magazine-like interface. Anyway, one such blog post was on the OxfordWords blog (from the Oxford Dictionaries folks), titled “Who cares about English? Part 1,” which was promptly followed by “Who cares about English? Part 2,” and documented a panel discussion that they hosted with the British Council. These included the embedded video, but also nicely included transcripts of the panelist responses. I very much enjoyed reading and learning how there are many Englishes, not just one Standard English, and that we definitely “code switch” (I just learned about that in the Grammar textbook I’ve been reading and summarizing in my blog) to use “appropriate” English in whatever context we are writing (or editing!) for. Good stuff.

Happy editing everyone!

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