Technical editors help reduce writer errors

I recently read a blog post on the “Every Page Is Page One” blog called “Reducing writer errors.” I’ve been reading the series of posts by Mark Baker about improving the content creation process, and I thought for sure that this particular post would mention technical editors. Alas, I was wrong. He talks about checklists (not editing checklists, just checklists), and he mentions (and discounts) technical reviews by SMEs, as a way to reduce the errors that writers make. He concludes his post with a nice list of systemic or process-oriented ideas for reducing errors. However, he never once considers adding a technical editor to the team to ensure the quality of the information and reduce the number of writer errors in the content creation process. I realize that not many writers have the opportunity to collaborate with a technical editor, but it saddens me that editors were not even mentioned as one way to reduce writer errors.

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