A humorous counter-argument

I haven’t posted to this blog in a little while, and I’m hoping that this humorous post will snap me out of my quiet and get me writing again (I have 3 ideas cued up, just need the hour or two to get the thoughts out on the blank screen).

Last year, I wrote about how much grammar a technical editor needs to know. Yes, I know, how heretical for me to postulate or ponder such an idea, even suggesting in the end that we don’t need to be grammarians.

Today, I ran across a very humorous (and geeky) cartoon that provides a counter argument. It is from the Words, Words, Words Facebook page:

Humorous cartoon about having to learn grammar

Happy editing everyone! I’m off to learn some more about grammar.

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One Response to A humorous counter-argument

  1. Anna Biunno says:


    Just a random thought in response to the grammar question: If you’re writing for a global audience, you should know your grammar.

    Non-native English readers wouldn’t be able to untangle your writing if you’re not following some standardization of the English language.

    How do I know this? I attended a 2-day Grammar Boot Camp at my alma mater, which included ESL attendees. They could recite our grammar rules by rote. Every time they got stuck on a sentence that required editing, they applied the grammar rules.


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