Where is this going?

In May 2011, I started this blog with a post titled “What am I doing?” I was dipping my toe into the world of blogging, tentatively and curiously. Now, 3.5 years later, I am a bit more confident about this thing called blogging, and I am allowing this blog to grow and change.

Because my role continues to evolve and change in my career, this blog is evolving and changing to be about more than just technical editing. I have posted about topics that step outside of traditional technical editing topics, always trying to tie it back to technical editing. But now, I think I will not force myself to blog just technical editing, but instead I will explore all facets of technical communication that focuses on our role as arbiters of quality communication.

Technical editing will always be at my core, but information architecture and content strategy are pulling me back to my roots of technical communication and information development as a whole.

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  1. Larry Kunz says:

    Your blog doesn’t have a “Like” widget. (I think WordPress suppresses it by default.) But if there were a “Like” widget here, I’d click it. I look forward to reading what you have to say about the broader world of tech comm.


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