Knowing is not enough

The UX Magazine site allowed Abby Covert (@Abby_the_IA) to publish an excerpt of her book How To Make Sense of Any Mess as an article on their site. I got to the end of this article and promptly went to buy her book.

One of the biggest challenges of being an information architect is being able to inspire change – change in the “brand new” thing, but change in the “tried and true” thing (aka, legacy). Applying information architecture practices to new information is an easier path than trying to get those same changes applied to the legacy information. She wraps up her excerpt with this wit and wisdom:

Knowing is not enough. Knowing too much can encourage us to procrastinate. There’s a certain point when continuing to know at the expense of doing allows the mess to grow further.

Practicing information architecture means exhibiting the courage to push past the edges of your current reality. It means asking questions that inspire change. It takes honesty and confidence in other people.

I look forward to reading more of her wit and wisdom in her book.

(In the past, I have always ordered paperback books to sit on my shelf in my office. Today, I ordered the Kindle version, and will have to work on building my virtual bookshelf within my Kindle app instead. A change in the architecture of the information, and my context and desire to have Kindle books instead of physical books now.)

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