Editing is expensive, but worth it!

While I have never worked as a freelance editor, I follow several people and businesses that offer freelance editing services. An article “Why is Editing So Expensive?” by Sophie Playle was recently posted by @LouiseHarnby, whom I follow on Twitter, and both are freelance editors. This article clearly explains why editing is expensive, but only after  explaining why editing is worth the expense. Two of the three reasons apply to working as a technical editor: editing takes time (and time is money) and editing is a specialized skill. Playle not only gives the reasons, she takes the time to expand on the core ideas, and even how writers can help reduce some of the costs of editing. All her ideas are fully developed, well written, and very compelling. I bet she had an editor help her on her article!

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One Response to Editing is expensive, but worth it!

  1. Compelling, indeed!

    When I first read Playle’s article, I quickly realized that one could transfer her arguments to all types of editors (freelance or otherwise). If you’re an editor working in a particular space or niche (e.g., technical editors), whether you’re on staff or freelancing, there’s a valid reason for demanding a specific salary range or fee.

    I’m sure that most tech editors would agree, especially during times when reviewing complex content that is further convoluted by writing that doesn’t make sense.


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