Yin-Yang of IA

Peter Morville presented the closing keynote for World IA Day 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland. He posted his slides to Slideshare:

There is a transcript that follows, but I think we lost something in the translation of these slides and that transcript.

I post this slideshare to my own blog because of Slide 19, which I screen grabbed and included a citation on that screen grab:


Regardless of what was actually said to speak to this slide by Morville, this slide spoke to me quite clearly. I love the Yin-Yang symbol and all that it represents, so to see it used to show how Planning and Building are opposite and complementary, yet interconnected and interdependent. While Planning, you need to do something; while building, you need to think. A perfect image to remind us of the balance we must find in the planning and building pieces of doing IA work.

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