Embrace the chaos?

I’ve read this article “Content Amid Chaos” by Sara Wachter-Boettcher (@sara_ann_marie) three times now. (Thanks to @jcolman for tweeting it out!) Why three times? Perhaps I resist the premise that she encourages: embrace the chaos. Accept it as part of the reality. Build it into your content strategy, your information architecture, or even into your technical editing processes. That’s crazy talk. Or, is it?

Each time that I read this article I was drawn to the idea of a content roadmap. Amid all the chaos, you can turn to and rely on this roadmap to guide you to making intelligent and immediate decisions. In her words:

By mapping out content as a parallel process—as something that’s not just within a web design and development project, but that exists alongside it, and beyond it—you can create a path that people can run with, long after a redesign has launched.

Define a process. Have a plan (map). Hello, chaos, I’ve got a plan for how to deal with you.

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