Content marketing that’s just great content

I took the link in the following Tweet to read the article about “The 5 Characteristics of Great Content,” by Scott Abel (@ContentWrangler), and did not let the #contentmarketing hashtag dissuade me:

I had read through half of the article before scrolling back up to see that it was posted on the Acrolinx blog. I didn’t connect this right away because I knew that Scott Abel did not work for Acrolinx, and it was his Tweet that got me to go check out the article in the first place.

These revelations are important because this article reads as just great technical content for writers and editors to apply in their work. The characteristics do have a bit of a content marketing flair to them, but they do echo many technical communication principles as well. I also realized as I finished reading the article that every single characteristic is checked for or evaluated by the Acrolinx “grammar checker” tool. I’m loathe to restrict it to that label, because it is a programmable, customizable, and much richer grammar checker, which really might deserve the label of information quality checking tool. (I really need to write up a blog post about grammar checkers!)

I really liked that this article did not once mention the Acrolinx tool, or any of its features or reports, and just let the technical content be great content. It could be published in his own blog, or elsewhere, and it could communicate good, useful information for technical communicators of all types. So, this content marketing, which I recognize this to be content marketing because I know and use the tool that they are marketing, is even more effective because it is just great content.

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