User Experience and Usability

I seem to be running into and responding to a number of articles posted on “interaction design” these days. This article, “User Experience: What is Usability,” is apparently excerpted from a course called “User Experience: The Beginner’s Guide.” It starts out with a lovely pie chart that tries to summarize a definition of UX and usability, but what I love most in this article are the 5 usability dimensions attributed to Whitney Quesenbery:

  1. Effective
  2. Efficient
  3. Engaging
  4. Error tolerant
  5. Easy to learn

While these 5 dimensions are meant to help evaluate how usable a product is, you could consider content as a product, and evaluate how usable your content is. Is it accurate and complete? Does it take little time to read and complete? Is it enjoyable or interesting? Does it help prevent errors? Is it easy to learn? Yep, applies to content as well as a product overall.

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