Less is less

It was interesting to read about the user experience of libraries and the various programs that they offer in this article, Less is Less by Aaron Schmidt in the Library Journal. Schmidt reacts to the phrase “less is more” and wants us to see that “less is less” is a positive more minimalistic view than this classic design concept that argues for simplicity and minimalism (which I talked about previously, in looking at mobile user assistance). Sure, it’s just playing with the words, trying to find the words that speak to you and your approach to ensuring a great user experience.

I think both of these phrases speaks to the idea of doing less allows you to focus more time and resources on fewer ideas, thereby making each idea better, or more better if you’ll allow me a very informal colloquialism. “Less is less” is a tautology, one that really isn’t better at conveying the meaning that the original “less is more” does actually convey. But, it did make me stop and think about the key design principles behind the phrase: simplicity and minimalism. I discovered that I’ve never written about minimalism in my blog. I think I know what my next blog post will be about!

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