Video Production – From Concept to Publication — by Ken Cicero

I once again registered for an STC Webinar on video production. This one called “From Concept to Production.” This Webinar was a follow-on webinar by Ken Cicero to his prior webinar, “When is Video the Answer (and When Isn’t It)?

He covered 4 types of videos:

  1. live action (talking heads)
  2. screen capture (UI demo)
  3. animation (motion graphics)
  4. hybrid (combining the other 3)

He went through the pros, cons, and tools for the 3 different types, and these were the general takeaways from the webinar:

  • With live action video, by including real people, looking at the camera, you bring empathy into the mix. Empathy helps communicate your message more completely, more clearly.
  • With screen capture video, make sure that you set your screen resolution really high, so that you can zoom in on a part of that capture. You can load the image smaller, to show the big picture, the whole picture, but then zoom in on the area of interest.
  • Camtasia is good for newbies and solid basic video production. Try to use a headset mic or better still a standing mic, and not just the mic from your laptop, to get the best quality sound.
  • Content is still king. Don’t get wrapped up in the video effects and production. Make sure the video still communicates what it needs to.
  • Always start with a solid, concise script. Don’t just ramble to the images.
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