Many hats…but one love of technical editing

About a year ago, I wrote a post about where I was taking my blog — I was widening the scope to include more than just technical editing topics as my very first post suggested.

I did post on a much broader set of topics in 2015, but my technical editing topics continue to be the most viewed and most popular. I’m thrilled that one of my first posts, “Defining technical editing,” continues to be my most viewed blog post, year after year (I bet it is on a syllabus in some course somewhere!). As I prepare to teach a grammar course (for students in techcomm programs), I review and muse upon my posts this year and previous years about just how much grammar technical editors need to know. I hope to blog about the course in the new year.

One of my favorite posts this year was “10 basics every communicator needs.” It was based on an article about what journalists need today, but I applied the basics to the many hats we wear. I wrote a few posts like that — taking something targeted to one area and applying it or showing how to apply it to my own area. Because I changed jobs this year, and I no longer work in an information development department on product documentation, I started broadening my reading to even beyond techcomm topics — to content marketing. Even now, even after reading and writing about content marketing, I still have trouble accepting or thinking about what I do as content marketing.

I hope I get into the groove of posting regularly again, like I did at the start of 2015. I hope you all continue to enjoy the random ruminations of this editor at heart who enjoys wearing many hats.

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