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Standard English is built from agreed-upon conventions

I’m busily preparing a course for the UCSC Silicon Valley Extension Technical Communication certificate program. It is “Grammar and Style for Technical Communicators.” I’ve chosen three (yes, three!) textbooks, and I continue to find wonderful articles across the bloggersphere and … Continue reading

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Can editors be descriptivist?

Please forgive me as I delve into the descriptivist vs. prescriptivist theoretical or academic labels. I blame Jonathon Owen of Arrant Pedantry for his recent post, “Why Descriptivists Are Usage Liberals“. I once again explored his blog, and went down … Continue reading

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A movie…about grammar? Pop the popcorn!

One of my favorite editor bloggers, John E. McIntyre of The Baltimore Sun, wrote a blog post about grammar, inspired by a blog post by Lucy Ferriss at Lingua Franca about the new documentary about grammar! Yes, I’ll geek out … Continue reading

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A humorous counter-argument

I haven’t posted to this blog in a little while, and I’m hoping that this humorous post will snap me out of my quiet and get me writing again (I have 3 ideas cued up, just need the hour or … Continue reading

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What is grammar, and exactly why it matters

Quite a few of my posts this year were all about how much grammar technical editors need to know to be good editors. This morning, my Twitter feed led me to the following blog post that sums up my views … Continue reading

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Technical editors do not need to be grammarians

After reading a grammar textbook, I have been pondering how well technical editors need to know grammar. How much grammar must they know to edit the information, but also how much must they know to help their writers improve their … Continue reading

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Using grammar to edit text for content and meaning

This post summarizes my notes and thoughts from reading Part 3, Teaching Grammar to Enhance Writing: Focus on Editing, of Constance Weaver’s Grammar to Enrich & Enhance Writing (Heinemann, 1996). If I was disappointed in Part 2 compared to Part … Continue reading

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