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First impressions or assumptions based on the words we use

I love the Nielsen Norman Group articles. Their tag line summarizes their style of writing well: “Evidence-Based User Experience Research, Training, and Consulting.” Their articles are focused, on a single topic, and they always include inline links to other articles … Continue reading

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Defining the terms of content strategy

One of my favorite roles as a technical communicator is terminologist. As a terminologist, I help teams define and standardize their use of technical terms (see Wordnik for their collection of definitions for terminology). I research various existing definitions and … Continue reading

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Fun with words

One of the reasons that I enjoy being a technical editor is that I get to play with words. I get to add words, delete words, and rearrange words to create clear communication. (I don’t often get to use alliteration … Continue reading

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Every word carries meaning

Some might argue that the heart of technical editing is grammar and syntax, but I believe the heart of technical editing is at the most minute level of terminology. Every word that we choose to write carries very specific meaning, … Continue reading

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