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First impressions or assumptions based on the words we use

I love the Nielsen Norman Group articles. Their tag line summarizes their style of writing well: “Evidence-Based User Experience Research, Training, and Consulting.” Their articles are focused, on a single topic, and they always include inline links to other articles … Continue reading

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10 basics every communicator needs

I follow a large number of copy editors in my Twitter feed. So, I often see articles about journalism, as a majority (perceived, not actual) of copy editors work in a journalism field. I suppose the definition of journalism is … Continue reading

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Clarity is king: The long and the short of it

This article, From Google Ventures: 5 Rules For Writing Great Interface Copy, by John Zeratsky on the Fast Company Design site was written specifically for user interface copy, but I think it can apply to most content that we write … Continue reading

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Content marketing that’s just great content

I took the link in the following Tweet to read the article about “The 5 Characteristics of Great Content,” by Scott Abel (@ContentWrangler), and did not let the #contentmarketing hashtag dissuade me: Required Reading: The 5 Characteristics of Great Content … Continue reading

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Concise, precise interface copy

Sometimes a tweet says all that needs to be said: Interface copy: Cut your word count in 1/2. Cut it in 1/2 agin. Repeat until it doesn't make sense. Use the 2nd to last version. — Luke Wroblewski (@lukew) April … Continue reading

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7 Key Ideas from Information Anxiety, as summarized by Doug Hoft

This blog post that summarizes Richard Saul Wurman’s classic book, Information Anxiety in a list of key ideas is priceless. While I am sure that I could find this classic book at a library or even on Google Scholar, I … Continue reading

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Prototype your words

Jerry Cao in his article, How Words Are the Foundation of Interaction Design, comes to the very valid conclusion, in this technical communicator’s humble opinion, that good designers need to include the words in our wireframes and prototypes. As we … Continue reading

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