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First impressions or assumptions based on the words we use

I love the Nielsen Norman Group articles. Their tag line summarizes their style of writing well: “Evidence-Based User Experience Research, Training, and Consulting.” Their articles are focused, on a single topic, and they always include inline links to other articles … Continue reading

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Standard English is built from agreed-upon conventions

I’m busily preparing a course for the UCSC Silicon Valley Extension Technical Communication certificate program. It is “Grammar and Style for Technical Communicators.” I’ve chosen three (yes, three!) textbooks, and I continue to find wonderful articles across the bloggersphere and … Continue reading

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The value of edit summaries

After you complete an edit, do you take the time to review your edits as a whole and write an edit summary for the author? Or, is this (or some part of this) just part of your email that you … Continue reading

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Use strong headings to lead readers to your content

Listicles, articles or blog posts that include a numbered list of “things,” get more readers. People love lists. They are scannable, they are memorable, and they are sharable. Perhaps one reason people go to these listicles is because they often … Continue reading

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Receiving editing…it’s like love

The title of this blog post is a partial quote from the article, “The Better Angels of Our Writing: Good copy editors can save us from ourselves” by Rachel Toor. Here is the full quote (paragraph): My experience of receiving … Continue reading

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10 basics every communicator needs

I follow a large number of copy editors in my Twitter feed. So, I often see articles about journalism, as a majority (perceived, not actual) of copy editors work in a journalism field. I suppose the definition of journalism is … Continue reading

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Clarity is king: The long and the short of it

This article, From Google Ventures: 5 Rules For Writing Great Interface Copy, by John Zeratsky on the Fast Company Design site was written specifically for user interface copy, but I think it can apply to most content that we write … Continue reading

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