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The value of edit summaries

After you complete an edit, do you take the time to review your edits as a whole and write an edit summary for the author? Or, is this (or some part of this) just part of your email that you … Continue reading

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Many hats…but one love of technical editing

About a year ago, I wrote a post about where I was taking my blog — I was widening the scope to include more than just technical editing topics as my very first post suggested. I did post on a … Continue reading

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Concise, precise interface copy

Sometimes a tweet says all that needs to be said: Interface copy: Cut your word count in 1/2. Cut it in 1/2 agin. Repeat until it doesn't make sense. Use the 2nd to last version. — Luke Wroblewski (@lukew) April … Continue reading

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On being an effective editor…

I was going to just retweet this tweet from @ArrantPedantry about the latest blog post from @johnemcintyre: Incisive, insightful post by @johnemcintyre on the fetishization of stylebook rules: — Jonathon Owen (@ArrantPedantry) April 13, 2015 However, the conclusion of … Continue reading

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Editors should focus on the content, not the grammar

Yes, you read that title correctly. Editors should not focus on the grammar. A copyeditor for The Daily Californian takes a hard look at copyediting and grammar’s role in the editing process. From the title of his article, I think … Continue reading

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New study shows: Copyediting adds value

As many of you know, my personal soapbox is that technical editing is a quality assurance process. I’m known for researching and writing an article that compared technical editing to software testing, arguing that since companies rarely distribute software that … Continue reading

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SEO for writers and editors

These 5 SEO Tips for Authors and Publishers summarizes nicely what writers and editors alike need to know about SEO. Yes, writers and editors, not just content marketers or information architects. While finding and using the right keywords are at … Continue reading

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